Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Episcopal Church bishop will retire in 2014

From Boston-

Bishop M. Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts announced Tuesday that he will retire sometime ­after fall 2014, following two decades in office.

Shaw, 67, a quiet monk who became known for outspoken advocacy on economic and ­social justice issues, led the ­diocese through a turbulent ­decade in the Anglican Communion, during which controversy over the Episcopal Church’s first gay bishop and gay unions threatened to split the worldwide church and ­divided some congregations at home.

He said little about his reasons for retiring in a letter posted on the diocesan website Tuesday, other than it came “from prayer and conversation with my community, friends, and family.”

“I love being your bishop, and it is an honor to serve you,” he wrote. “These years have been some of the richest years of my life. All of you and this work have taught me much about myself and the nature of our loving God for which I will always be grateful.”

Shaw said the diocese’s Standing Committee, which advises the bishop, will begin laying out a more detailed timeline for the nomination and election of his successor in the coming months, but the proposed date for the electing convention is April 5 of next year.

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