Monday, September 9, 2013

Episcopal Churches Are Unique Mixes of Protestant and Catholic Elements

From New York-

There’s a reason why two of the most prominent and majestic churches in Philipstown — St. Philip’s in Garrison and St. Mary’s in Cold Spring — are Episcopal parishes: the denomination has deep and powerful roots in the area, as it has had in the nation, since colonial times. Not only did many of Philipstown’s most influential residents belong to these churches, as the plaques around the buildings indicate, but several of America’s Founding Fathers and presidents have also been Episcopalian.

The Rev. Frank Geer, longtime rector of St. Philip’s Church in the Highlands and former student of history, is a fount of knowledge on what he likes to call “the community church of Garrison.”

Likewise, the Rev. Shane Scott-Hamblen of the Episcopal Church of St. Mary-in-the-Highlands, who is currently working on a doctoral dissertation about American Episcopal history, can provide loads of information on the denomination. Both tell a story that touches on controversy but also ultimately speaks to pluralism and inclusion, for which the Episcopal Church has become known.

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