Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pokies cash not for Anglicans

From New Zealand-

Anglican churches in Timaru do not take gambling money, and the diocese's recent pokie fund ban will have no impact on them.

The Christchurch Anglican diocese, which includes South Canterbury, voted last week to stop parishes accepting funding from gaming machine grants.

It was hoped the stand would allow the church to speak publicly against gambling without appearing hypocritical.

St Mary's church warden, Barrie Wood, was not aware of any pokie funds being used by the church.

"I don't believe we have received any in that way and the church would not agree to it. Gambling causes people to enter a downward spiral," Mr Wood said.

St Phillip and All Saints Church administrator Anne Hopkins said the church had not benefited from the pokies as far as she knew.

South Canterbury Archdeacon Nick Mountfort said St John's Church had never taken contributions from gambling money and it spent time ensuring any funding it applied for was not related to gambling.

He said pokie machines were designed to be addictive and a high percentage of players could not stop using them.

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