Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Colombian-born brothers, Catholics-turned-Episcopalians, aid campaign to attract Hispanic worshippers

From Houston-

MIDNIGHT had passed, and Uriel Lopez slumped on a stack of beer cases after a night of serving suds at the Catholic fundraiser. Then, Padre Antonio, priest in the teen's small Colombian hometown, stepped from the darkness to drop the bombshell. "Uriel," he said, "have you ever considered joining the priesthood?"

Lopez snapped to attention. "Father," he sputtered, struggling for a reply. "I really love women." Discussion ended.

Still, for Lopez and his older brother, Pedro, the youngest boys in a devout farm family of 14 children, the priesthood's call was potent.

Both moved to Chicago, where they were ordained Catholic priests. Both worked at a succession of parishes until overwork and frustration with the priesthood's strictures brought them to physical and emotional dead ends. Both left the church.

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