Friday, June 10, 2016

Episcopal Bishop: Priests Can Wed Gay Couples Without My OK

From Mississippi-

Episcopal priests in Mississippi no longer need to seek the bishop's permission to perform weddings for same-sex couples.

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, Rt. Rev. Brian Seage, announced what he called the "significant" change in a June 3 letter to churches.

Seage said clergy members still have "the discretion to marry, or not marry, any specific couple for any reason."

He said he respects priests who are unable to perform same-sex weddings because of their own conscience or because they believe it would cause irreparable harm to their congregation's unity.

"My only request is that you refer, to me, any same sex couple seeking marriage, so arrangements can be made to offer these services of the church," Seage wrote.

Delegates to the Episcopal General Convention voted overwhelmingly last year to change church law to allow same-sex marriages throughout the denomination. Since then, Episcopal bishops in other some places had already said priests don't need to seek their permission to wed same-sex couples.
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