Thursday, June 9, 2016

Times need Christian witness of Episcopal Church, Curry tells council

From ENS-

There’s energy, life and vitality in the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry told the Executive Council as it opened its June 8-10 meeting here.

“I really believe that we’re on the right track,” Curry said in his opening remarks.

He told council that his repeated call for the Episcopal Church to embody the Jesus Movement is not “a 21st century invention or a Michael Curry rhetorical concoction.” The presiding bishop said instead that New Testament scholars refer to the beginnings of Christianity as the Jesus Movement.

“When we use the phrase Jesus Movement we’re actually pointing back to the earliest days of Jesus’ teaching and his followers following in his way and footsteps in the power of the spirit. That’s what we’re really talking about,” he said. “And we’re really talking about reclaiming the heritage of the acts of the apostles, the heritage of the movement of people who were profoundly convicted by Jesus of Nazareth that this dude really did have something to say and really did help folks get closer to God and each other – that this Jesus of Nazareth really mattered.”

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