Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Everything I Know About Prayer I Learned from George Carlin

From Huffington-

Everything I know about prayer, I learned from the late comedian and atheist George Carlin.

Well, maybe not everything. Long before I was old enough to listen to Carlin’s albums, I had learned the simple prayers we all learn as children: “God is great, God is good ...”; Now I lay me down to sleep...”; and a common one in my house when I was growing up in New Orleans, “Please let Tulane to beat LSU this year” (that last one taught me a lot about patience, and that God doesn’t always give us what we want).

But back to George Carlin, who made fun of how we think of prayer as a way to make God bend to our will - praying to win football games; praying a certain person who doesn’t know we exist will ask us on a date; praying that our annoying neighbor with the noisy dog will move away.

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