Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Myanmar Buddhist Monk May Have Plans to Build Monastery Near Anglican Church

From Radio Free Asia-

An influential Buddhist monk who has been erecting Buddhist pagodas on the grounds of churches and mosques in eastern Myanmar’s Karen State may begin building a monastery near an Anglican church, said the bishop who oversees Anglicanism in the state and neighboring regions on Tuesday.

Monk Myaing Kyee Ngu, also known as U Thuzana, has been building pagodas—also called stupas—near Christian churches and mosques in an act of defiance to supposedly reclaim ancient Buddhist lands.

Anglican Bishop Saw Stylo told RFA’s Myanmar Service that the monk and his supporters arrived near St. Mark Anglican church in Kondawgyi village of Hlaingbwe township on Monday with eight trucks of bricks.

Another truck arrived near the church on Tuesday morning, although church officials do not know if workers intend to build a monastery or make a fence dividing the two properties, he told RFA’s Myanmar Service.

“We called the state religious officer this morning [to inform him],” Saw Stylo said. “We will send an official letter to the state government tomorrow.”

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