Monday, February 25, 2019

As the number of organists continues to fall, churches employ technology to keep the hymns playing

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It's no secret that church organists have become scarce these days, as fewer young people are interested in studying organ, and older organists are retiring.

An article by Jonathan M. Pitts in the Baltimore Sun on April 7, 2017, tells of a 200-year-old Episcopal church whose organist retired, and a six-month search turned up only one applicant. Pitts also cites a 2015 survey by the American Guild of Organists showing that 60 percent of its 16,000 members were 58-plus, and only 11 percent were younger than 37.

So what are churches in which organs have always been a staple of their worship doing?

The congregation of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Morgantown, has found one solution that fits its small group perfectly: a Rodgers digital organ that has the technology to store and play, with a simple touch of a button, hymns, preludes and postludes even when there is no organist available.

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