Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It’s Official: UMC Votes for Traditional Marriage, No Gay Clergy

From Church Leader-

In the final day of the United Methodist Church’s Special Session of the General Conference, the denomination voted to take an official stance on homosexuality. After decades of ambiguity, the UMC’s General Conference has voted to hold a traditional approach to marriage and ordaining clergy. 

Moving forward, the UMC will not allow same-sex weddings, nor will it ordain LGBTQ+ clergy.
“We do not want to force any church to leave the denomination,” Beth Ann Cook told a raucous crowd after the final vote was settled. 

Despite the bishops’ attempt to address the elephant in the room graciously, the backlash from those opposed to the Traditional Plan made it clear that this vote will cause many churches (particularly in the U.S.) and LGBTQ+ clergy members to leave the denomination.

While most delegates from the Central Conference of the UMC, which represents churches in Africa, Europe and Asia, rejoiced over the decision, the general feeling of the delegates from the U.S. was one of dismay. 

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