Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Bishop to attend Lambeth Conference without wife in protest at bar on gay clergy partners

From Liverpool-

The Bishop of Liverpool has said he will attend an international summit of Anglican leaders without his wife next year, in protest at a bar on the partners of gay clergy.

Rt Rev Paul Bayes described the decision to prevent same-sex partners of clergy from attending the 2020 Lambeth Conference as an "act of exclusion".

In a message posted on Twitter, he said: "I deeply regret that, in the fractious complexities of our life as a worldwide people, this act of exclusion has taken its place.

"It is a grief to me and to my wife, and to many others. Despite this, I aim to attend the Conference, alone, in the hope of a common future."

The Anglican Communion - which includes national churches from 165 countries - was forced to clarify its stance on the matter last week, following "misunderstanding".

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