Thursday, February 28, 2019

‘Fight crime – return to God’

From Barbados-

Anglican Bishop Rt Rev Michael Maxwell has said society’s move away from God and a failure to address the young people’s problems are to blame for the crime wave sweeping the country.

And he has called for early intervention in homes and schools to fight a “systemic problem” and for Barbados to return to God.

Bishop Michael said: “I firmly believe that we are faced with a situation where Almighty God and the things of God are no longer taken seriously, no longer acknowledged and regarded as important, hence the economic, the social and the moral issues facing our nation as a result.

“As a result, many of our young men and women have not been nurtured, have not been guided by the basic tenets of love and respect for their lives and for the lives of others, nor even for the love and respect of their creator God.

“They are not being so nurtured because of the breakdown and failures of our societal system in terms of the important role that the home and the religious institutions and the school system and even the political structures have failed to offer our young people.”

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