Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The archbishop’s sword

From Get Religion-

Are these dissidents and their leader heroic rebels or pesky schismatics?

In the ongoing power struggle and doctrinal melodrama taking place in the Anglican Communion, the latest act happens this week in Texas at a “provincial gathering”, where representatives of former Episcopal parishes are coming together as the Anglican Church in North America.

I’ve written one sentence, and already we’re hip deep in controversy. For the group, which claims 100,000 members, is not (yet?) a recognized province in the Anglican Communion. While the group has been recognized by some pretty heavy hitters in the Anglican Parthenon (pantheon?), what this means is still highly arguable. Check out this press release from the Primates Council of GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Council) and, just for fun, this riposte from American Episcopal blogger and priest, Mark Harris.

Veteran professional Cathy Lynn Grossman has done a nice job of writing the story behind the meeting at USATODAY.com. I do have one big question, however, and it focuses right on the lede.

Hundreds of formerly Episcopal parishes are meeting this week to unify as a new national church: the Anglican Church in North America.

Organizers, led by former Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh Robert Duncan, expect 300 delegates, including 50 bishops, in Bedford, Texas, for a three-day gathering that begins Monday.

The group is scheduled to adopt church laws that will exclude women and homosexuals as bishops. It also is expected to elect and install Duncan as archbishop.

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