Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Episcopal defectors approve constitution for new church

From the Washington Times

Several hundred former Episcopalians, meeting in a school gym near the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, ratified a constitution Monday for the fledgling Anglican Church in North America as a direct challenge to the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada.

About 800 people jumped to their feet and sang the Doxology, a hymn of praise, after the ACNA's new leader, Archbishop-designate Robert Duncan, told the group that it had "done the work."

"The Anglican Province of North America has been constituted," he said.

Six years after the Episcopal Church approved the election of an openly gay man, V. Gene Robinson, as the new bishop of New Hampshire, a large chunk of the conservatives in the denomination are taking final steps to form a 39th province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

"There is no one here who would go back," Bishop Duncan said during a Communion service. "Though the journey took its toll, we know that we have been delivered, and have found that deliverance very sweet, indeed."

Although Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the global head of the Anglican Communion, has not recognized the new province, he did send a representative, Bishop Santosh Marray, the retired bishop of the Seychelles. Nine of the world's 38 Anglican provinces sent official delegations.

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