Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Stuff in TEC: Georgia

Local churches feed hungry through sack lunch program

Local churches have handed out around 2,500 sack lunches to needy families as part of the Sack Lunch Saturday program, which started in February.

Tom Rea and other members of the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal started the program to help families struggling to feed themselves and the program has grown over the past couple of months.

Good Shepherd had their first Sack Lunch Saturday on Feb. 28 at Trailblazer Park and have handed out sack lunches every fourth Saturday of the month since then. Good Shepherd will be at Trailblazer Park again this Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.

Other churches have joined in the feeding effort and four churches are now running sites. First Baptist Church of Covington also serves lunches on the fourth Saturday of every month at Murray Christian Methodist Episcopal Church at 4100 West Street NW.

First United Methodist Church serves lunches at Trailblazer Park on the third Sunday of every month. Salem United Methodist Church had its first lunch give away at its church last Saturday at 3962 Salem Road. Rea said the church hadn’t committed to serving every month, but he said they seemed enthusiastic about Saturday’s response.

In addition, Rea said members from other churches including Allen Memorial Methodist Church have been helping out and the Solid Rock Baptist Church food ministry made a huge contribution in the past and is continuing to assist with food needs. He said Central Community Church in Oxford is also considering joining the program.

Rea said each location hands out about 200 to 300 sack lunches every Saturday. He said most of the lunches are handed out at the site, but church members also take lunches to surrounding neighborhoods in Covington. The lunches consist of some combination of a lunch meat sandwich, potato chips, desert, fruit, a vegetable and a drink.

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