Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Priest is clowning in the aisles

Actually I'm afraid of clowns but "Whatever"- From Metro London-

Clowning around in church is usually frowned upon. But Anglican priest Roly Bain has his congregation rolling in the aisles.

That's because he is also a professional clown – and combines his two callings in a bid to bring younger people to church.

In the guise of Clown Roly, he makes slapstick sermons all over the world – using magic tricks, daft props and circus acts to illustrate spiritual lessons.

The 54-year-old, who was ordained as a priest in 1978 and graduated from clown school 12 years later, wears red and black plaid over his dog collar and conducts choirs with a pink feather duster.

The priest, from Bristol, said: 'The best clowns are deeply profound and speak to laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy, death and resurrection.'

Father Felix Mascarenhas, who invited him to hijack his traditional Sunday service at Brighton's Church of the Good Shepherd, said: 'Some things, like his tightrope walk, showed trust and risk-taking – important messages in faith. I don't think I'll be copying his preaching style, though.'

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Brad Evans said...

Clowns are the devil in disguise.
There's a reason most children fear them.
George Carlin died one year and two days ago today. What he had to say about religion is quite funny.