Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nigeria: Religious Clerics Have Derailed

From All Africa-

Religious leaders in Nigeria have abdicated their primary responsibility and are now extorting money from politicians through blackmail, Senate President, David Mark has said.Senator Mark made the allegation at the weekend during the opening session of the 19th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Kaduna, insisting that he was speaking from experience.

He narrated his experience with "a certain reverend gentleman" whose religious activities he had been supporting over the years. "Recently our life-long friendship suffered a minor setback when he received my support towards one of his causes. To my utmost surprise his reaction on receiving my widow's mite was short of rejecting it outrightly, without recalling my previous support or hoping for better days ahead."

Maintaining that the clergy from across the religions and sects have abdicated their primary responsibility of preaching the gospel, the Senate President said the high level of corruption in Nigeria was because religious leaders failed to execute their duties with the fear of God at heart.

"The truth of the matter is that our religious sermons on Fridays and Sundays have become mere messages of convenience", he added. According to him, the action of some clergy men has left him in a dilemma because "if I am to answer to the numerous requests from religious bodies that besiege my office on a daily basis, this may lead to a disconnect in my behaviour and the belief I profess. "

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Ray Speicher said...


It is curious that you continue to feature strange and negative stories about African Anglican leaders on your blog.

In the past you have deemed it important to report on vestages of pagan ritual that African believers still practice.
Are you determined to give an overall bad impression of the leadership of African Anglicans who oppose the enlightened, Episcopal Church USA theological innovations?

Your selections of what to feature in the blog about Africa is often condescending and even seems a little racist! It is uncharacteristic of your usual even handedness.

Be careful to not let any of your fear about the effectiveness and leadership of orthodox, Africa bishops to stir up resentment in you that comes through your blog.

Thereis an obvious demonstration of smug superiority in the attitude of the Episcopal Church USA to reject any reproof, requests or advice by the African Anglican bishops. It is so "colonial and white" to think of oneself to be above the Africans.

It is confusing considering our support at St. Michael's parish of African ministeries.

Celinda Scott said...

I wasn't aware that positive news about African churches have not been included on 3 Rivers Episcopal.