Sunday, February 26, 2012

Atheists are right to challenge the sins of the Anglican church

From The Guardian-

Your leader ("Let's avoid a clash of faith and reason") refers to "the fury of atheist scientist Richard Dawkins" and then describes him as "intemperate". In reality, the foundation Professor Dawkins leads had simply published the results of a public opinion poll, accompanied by press releases with some very moderately expressed interpretations of the findings.

That such research can be described by Baroness Warsi as "militant secularisation" and be compared to "totalitarian regimes" says more about her views than those of the atheists she attacks.

You refer to the continued presence of Anglican bishops in our country's legislature, the Church of England's institutional discrimination against women and gays, and the use of state funds to support schools that refuse to admit children whose parents do not go to church, but then casually dismiss such scandals as among "the flaws and occasional absurdities of Christianity".

Faced with such provocation, there is surely a very good case for robust opposition to evil acts perpetrated by people of faith. One might have hoped that in such a conflict, the Observer would know where its loyalty lies.

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