Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tanzanian archbishop shares insight on religious tolerance in ETX

From Texas-

Unexpectantly, in the Nacogdoches Episcopal Church office, the right reverend Dr. Valentine Mokiwa finds a connection to his home in Tanzania, Africa.

The SFA student's father is a priest in Kenya supervised by the archbishop's colleague.

"I live a very busy life style being bishop for the entire Tanzania, say 44 million, but 5 Anglicans, 27 bishops, and I have a diocese. Life tends to be very busy," said Dr. Mokiwa.

The archbishop studied in America and now comes here for rest, but he always takes time to promote his country and faith.

"Christianity is 45% and 33% is Muslim and the rest goes to other religions," said Dr. Mokiwa.
mokiwa says unlike many African countries, tolerance is important in the peaceful Tanzania.

"Forcing your faith is unbecoming. We encourage people to share faith, but we are not encouraging people to use force," said Dr. Mokiwa.

The archbishop takes interest in youth leader Rip Gibbs mission work in Tanzania.

Gibbs found the faith in Tanzania infectious.

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