Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St. Timothy’s Episcopal makes ‘comfort dolls’ for children in Africa

From Ohio-

Members of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Massillon are turning scraps of yarn into multi-tasking “comfort dolls” to help children in Africa.

Chris Lane, who chairs the project, spotted the opportunity on the Internet and asked other members of the parish to join her mission to supply dolls to ICROSS Canada, a nonprofit organization that sends medical supplies to areas of Africa where AIDS is rampant. ICROSS Canada obtains AIDS vaccines, medications, treatments and medical supplies and instruments from pharmacies and hospitals.

The first supply shipments four years ago included glass vials and test tubes that needed special cushioning. Simple little knit dolls were developed to serve as packing material. Once that is done, the dolls are distributed to children orphaned by AIDS and those who have the disease.

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