Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breakaway Va. churches lose legal bid to keep donations

From The Washington Examiner-

Seven breakaway Anglican churches in Virginia have lost their last-ditch appeal to keep their personal property, including Bibles, office supplies and cash donations.

The churches broke away from the Episcopal Diocese in Virginia in 2007 over issues that included the ordination of homosexual bishops, kicking off a years-long legal battle over whether the diocese or the congregations owned the buildings in which they met.

A Fairfax County judge ruled against the churches in January, and followed that ruling with a decision Thursday to deny the churches' appeal to keep personal property, including cash donations. The churches argued that the money belonged to them since donors had specifically requested the money not go to the Diocese, but the judge rejected that argument.

“We hope that this will mark the end of this lengthy litigation,” said the Rev. Shannon Johnston, bishop of the Diocese of Virginia. “By closing this chapter, both the Diocese and [the breakaway churches] have the freedom to focus our energies on the mission and ministries of our respective congregations.”

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