Monday, February 27, 2012

Pastor proud to serve both the military and the church

From Florida-

When the first strains of the closing hymn started, Holy Cross Episcopal Church pastor the Rev. Jeffrey A. Jencks was still wearing his purple cassock, a symbol of his priesthood.

By the time "Amazing Grace" finished, Jencks was standing near the church altar in full Army uniform, his military awards dripping from his uniform.

For years, Jencks had been a soldier and a priest, moving between disparate worlds. No more.

About 200 people stayed after Sunday's service at Holy Cross to honor Jencks for his military service. And congregation members were honored for sharing their spiritual leader with the Army. Jencks retired in January after a 21-year military career that included two tours in Iraq. His Army affiliations include service with the Rhode Island National Guard, the Army Reserve and active-duty Army.

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