Friday, March 2, 2012

Dave Dravecky on Bonds issue: A conflagration to be rekindled

From California-

At Grace Episcopal Church on Sunday, former San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky talked about grace. His speaking appearance, sponsored by Marston Family Vineyard, packed the sanctuary at the St. Helena church.

It was a “message pitch” for the lefthander, who, in fact, doesn’t have a left hand anymore — or, for that matter, the left arm with which he won 64 major-league games. It was amputated in June 1991 because of a cancerous desmoid tumor. Dravecky has moved on admirably well. For the past few years he has been Dave Dravecky, cancer survivor, author, inspirational speaker and man of baseball.

After addressing the multitude in the church, during an interview outside on the church patio, Dravecky, the baseball man, also talked about grace. Specifically, his hope that people will have enough of it to set aside the steroid issue of the last decade when it comes to voting Giants slugger Barry Bonds into the Baseball Hall of Fame and reacting to his induction if he makes it.

The issue ignited in 2003, when Bonds first became involved in steroids, and set ablaze during the decade when Barry was brought up on perjury charges. It took something momentous — the Giants’ 2010 pennant campaign and victory in the World Series — to turn the burner down.

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