Monday, April 30, 2012

Anglican Communion life impeded by insufficient communicators

From ENS-

The Anglican Communion faces a shortage of qualified communicators, according to an international Working Group on communications. The group — consisting of communications professionals from five continents — concluded that the Communion life was at risk of being detrimentally affected by some Provinces’ inability to source and share their news and stories widely.

“The narrative of the Body of Christ is very powerful,” said group member Revd Dr Joshva Raja “and currently the Anglican Communion is not properly equipped to share that narrative.”

Raja, originally from the Church of South India, explained that an informal survey had revealed that only a third of provinces have full-time communications staff.

“In many cases the job of telling the story of the church is left to busy provincial secretaries, unqualified volunteers or, in some cases, the bishop or primate,” he said. “How can the world hear about the best of our church life if we do not hire people with adequate time and/or the skills to source and share the stories of our part in God’s mission?”

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