Thursday, May 3, 2012

Columbus Mileposts | May 3, 1817: Episcopal priest inspires by example

From Columbus-

Connecticut Episcopalian priest Philander Chase came to Ohio on a mission in 1817: to preach the gospel on the frontier. On May 3, 1817, he conducted the first Episcopalian service in Columbus at the Buckeye House hotel.

Four days later, he preached again at the High Street home of storekeeper Lincoln Goodale. “Some of those who came were merely curious. Others believed that God’s inerrant providence brought them to that spot. All listened with reverence as Chase intoned the service from the Book of Common Prayer and preached to them,” Lisa M. Klein wrote in her 2003 history of Trinity Episcopal Church, Be It Remembered.

In 1833, Trinity built its first church, on the north side of Broad Street just east of High Street. By 1866 the congregation had outgrown the building and began work on its current Gothic Revival church at the southeast corner of Broad and 3rd streets.

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