Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bishop: Episcopal Church must change

From Albany-

The Episcopal Church must embrace change and diversity if it is to move forward, the presiding bishop of the 2.4 million member church said Friday.

"We need to discover ways to engage in the outside community," Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said, in urging the 125 delegates attending the Province II Synod of the Episcopal Church to recognize that while many believe the church is an unchanging rock, it too slowly evolves.

"'We are beginning to discover a way forward into a new chapter in the church's history," Jefferts Schori said. "If we are going to save the life of the church, we are going to have to lose it."

The Episcopal Church draws strength from its growing immigrant population who know the value of community, Jefferts Schori said. Even though this is labeled a time of connectivity via the Internet, she said, there is a spiritual hunger that needs to be filled in person.

"We value the voices of all in decision making," Jefferts Schori said.

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localhist said...

Your headline sounds like the title of a John Spong book. As for the Episcopal Church changing, I think it has changed enough. It has dumped the 39 Articles, ordained practicing homosexuals and lesbians, to say nothing of making them bishops and allows people like Spong to continue to serve as bishops (at least until he retired). Will the advocates for change not be happy until the church no longer believes anything that faintly resembles historic Christianity? Personally, I think the Presiding Bishop and most of the other bishops, if they would be intellectually honest, should resign and become Unitarians or join some other non-Christian religion.