Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trinity Wall Street hosts May Day teach-in

From ENS-

The Rev. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, during “Occupy: A May Day Teach-In” webcast live from Trinity Wall Street, described the Occupy Wall Street movement as one he wished Trinity had had the “courage” and “insight” to birth.

“It’s so much of who we are … not just Trinity Wall Street, the whole spiritual enterprise,” said Bozzuti-Jones during the webcast.

Paraphrasing the Jesuit theologian Jon Sobrino, the real test is not so much about whether a person believes in God or not, but rather in idolatry, he said. For Sobrino, it came down to the human willingness to worship the wrong things.

“How do we teach the world that it is better to give than to receive?” asked Bozzuti-Jones.
Billed as part conference, part spiritual renewal, and part rally, the Occupy: A May Day Teach-In included brief talks by religious and secular thinkers who spoke about the moral, political and social justice and reconciliation issues that confront the Occupy movement.

The event also featured folk music performed by the Irish duo Peader & Pio.

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