Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreadlocked pioneer elected new Bishop of Wellington

From ACNS-

Justin Duckworth has been announced as the next Anglican Bishop of Wellington.

And he may just be the least likely-looking bishop ever elected in New Zealand.

He has dreadlocks, for starters. He’s usually in shorts and bare feet, too.

But the voters in the Diocese of Wellington saw past that.

They saw instead that he’s been at the cutting edge of Christian ministry “to the last, the lost and the least” in Wellington for 25 years.

Justin, who is now 44, began Christian work in Wellington as soon as he’d left school.
In his early 20s, he and his new wife Jenny began running a home for teenage women in Berhampore.
After seven years there, they moved with their young children into Upper Cuba St to live among the street people – with transvestites on the one side of them, and prostitutes on the other.

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