Thursday, May 3, 2012

From Schenectady-

A stained-glass window, the only monument honoring the Civil War service of the 169th New York Infantry Regiment, has been found decades after it was last seen in a former Episcopal chapel in Menands.

The discovery that the artifact is safe in a Schenectady couple's home was greeted jubilantly by the descendants of soldiers who fought in the battle-tested Army unit known as the Troy Regiment.
They never lost heart that they'd find the memorial window from St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, even though they ran into numerous dead ends in their search.

"The big thing is we know where it is. And it's in safekeeping now," Bill Connelly of Northumberland said Wednesday

Connelly and Steven Wiezbicki of Fort Collins, Colo., have been searching for the window honoring the hard-fighting 169th in which their ancestors served.

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