Friday, June 7, 2013

Archbishop Justin Welby: The 'muscular Christian’ setting a fine example to his flock

From The Telegraph-

We are used to the idea of the Archbishop of Canterbury as an elderly man swathed in vestments, sandals and a beard. Which is why the latest picture of the most senior man in the Anglican Church took a while to absorb. Here was Justin Welby wearing a T-shirt, shorts and running shoes, going for a jog along the streets around Lambeth Palace.

For a 57-year-old asthmatic, he looked pretty trim. He certainly seemed in better fettle than George Osborne, 15 years his junior and at least 15 pounds his senior – one of many politicians who inflict their sweating, corporeal forms on those enjoying the peace and quiet in St James’s Park.

There was no wobble on Welby. Indeed, the Archbishop appeared to have a bit of spiritual zip in his feet as he dashed along the Thames: “They shall run, and not be weary,” as Isaiah said.

His predecessor, Rowan Williams, spent his evenings translating Welsh poetry. George Carey listed walking (note the lack of breaking of sweat) as his pastime in Who’s Who. Robert Runcie’s hobby was keeping pigs.

But the pictures of Welby are the latest evidence that the Archbish is refreshingly down to earth and shares many of the pastimes of his flock. A Lambeth Palace spokesman was coy about his exercise routine, but confirmed that running a few times a week is among his favoured diversions.

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