Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Episcopal church gets solar panels

From Olympia-

When Bishop Craig Anderson was asked what he wanted for a retirement gift, he always replied, “I want a solar system for our church.”

After almost six years as part-time Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Parish of Orcas Island, Anderson announced his retirement in April. Now, just a month later, solar panels have been installed on the water side of the newly renovated Benson Room, located to the right of the church. Thanks to a retirement gift from an anonymous donor, Anderson has received his wish and he’s not the only one looking forward to some changes in the green direction.

“I’m all for it,” said George Garrels, an active member of the church. “When we were renovating the Benson room it was on our wish list to do the solar, but we had other issues. We found a lot of mold and rotten timber and so we finally had to ... back off with the solar. When this gift came through we were able to say let’s do it.”

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