Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episcopal Preaching Foundation celebrates 25 years

From ENS-

A celebration to honor the first 25 years of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation began with a memory that pointed to the future.

The Rev. Brent Norris, the rector of St. Mary’s Church in Asheville, North Carolina, recalled coming to the foundation’s annual Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) in 1995 and receiving “a brilliant, white-hot passion for preaching in the parish and what the word of God delivered in faithfulness to God’s people could do, and what place that might ought have in my ministry.”

Norris, speaking at a banquet May 30 during this year’s PEP gathering, recalled that the Rev. Jane Sigloh, a PEP faculty member in 1995, sparked in him “a love and passion for parochial preaching – preaching to the people God has entrusted to you on a weekly basis.”

“I hope that you can be instilled with that passion too and that it can become white-hot and burning in you so that at some point you pass that spark of passion on to someone else,” Norris, who was on staff for this year’s gathering, told the 44 rising senior seminarians and recently graduated seminarians who were among those attending the banquet.

And Annie Pierpoint, a seminarian at Virginia Theological Seminary, replied during the tributes that she was indeed “white-hot with passion for preaching.”

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