Monday, June 3, 2013

Gay marriage: Will bishops in the Lords back a 'fatal motion' to kill the bill?

From England-

Senior religious figures are bracing themselves for a potentially explosive couple of days, as they weigh up whether bishops in the House of Lords could have the deciding vote on an effort to kill off gay marriage.

Reports suggest that senior officials are urging bishops to stay away from the Lords debate on the bill for fear of it being rejected – potentially raising questions about the right of bishops to sit in the Lords.

Peers are being asked to vote for Lord Dear's 'fatal motion' which would deny the equal marriages bill a second reading.

That would essentially kill off the legislation, but it would almost certainly be followed by a use of the Parliament Act by the Commons to overrule the Lords.

"The core proposal is to allow same-sex civil marriage. The elected house of parliament supports this by a majority of two to one," wrote Iain McLean, professor of politics at Oxford University.

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