Thursday, June 6, 2013

Church free to recognize same-sex marriage

From Albany-

There’s an air of excitement at Hudson’s Christ Church Episcopal these days — it’s undergoing one of the biggest changes in its history. The parish has applied for and, on Friday, received authorization for “DEPO,” or Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight, a change that should bring it more in line with today’s Hudson.

For the first time, the church will be able to recognize same-sex marriage. While the Episcopal Church in this country is liberal, the Albany Diocese is one of the most conservative Episcopalian dioceses in the entire church, said the Rev. John Perry.

Whereas the Episcopal Church as a whole has sanctified a liturgy for blessing same-sex marriage, its dioceses have a great deal of autonomy, so parishes within the Albany Diocese never received this liturgy.

“Normally, there’s a two-way flow of information,” Perry said. “There’s no flow here because of these disagreements. The bishop can run the diocese as he wishes; it makes us feel very isolated and alone here.”

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