Saturday, June 8, 2013

Former Anglican Bishop Warns of 'Tyranny of the Majority' in Mideast Region

From Christian Post-

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Anglican Bishop of Rochester and co-head of the Anglican-Al Azhar Dialogue, warned against the rising threat of a "tyranny of the majority" in Arab Spring countries, in a speech last Thursday.

He called on all concerned to "commit themselves to equal rights for religious minorities and women in these countries."

Bishop Nazir-Ali's speech was part of a series of lectures hosted by Christian Solidarity International (CSI) on the future of religious minorities in the Islamic Middle East.

In the lecture entitled "The Arab Spring and its Aftermath: Implications for Muslim-Christian relations," the bishop criticized what he called the Western "love affair" with democracy promotion in the Middle East.

He noted the failure of such Western intervention in Iraq, Syria and the hypocritical relationship with the "Salafi-Wahhabi government…facilitated by what the Western powers" of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These countries routinely result in an environment in which Christians and women are treated as second-class citizens.


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