Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ex-offenders in New Haven find hope, smiles at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

From Connecticut-

When Danny had finished serving his time in prison and was dropped off outside the Whalley Avenue jail, he knew where to go — down the street to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

But when he sat down for breakfast on a recent Wednesday, he was just one of the many who come for a hot meal at the church at 111 Whalley Ave.

St. Luke’s, through its nonprofit corporation, St. Luke’s Services, serves the ex-offenders because of its location. But you couldn’t tell the ex-convicts from the others who eat there, use the clothing closet, even the diaper bank. Serving everyone without question is St. Luke’s mission.

“As far as this church and these people that run the church,” said Danny, “We get a good meal. We get received of the love of God.”

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