Thursday, April 2, 2015

How the Presidential Candidates Found Their Faith

From Newsweek-

It was built in the 1920s in the Spanish Mission style, topped by one of those red clay tile roofs so popular in South Florida back then. The Catholics laid their foundation just a short walk from the famed Biltmore Hotel (modeled on the Giralda, the tower of the Seville Cathedral in Spain), and named their church in honor of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, also known as “the Little Flower.” These days, Coral Gables is majority Cuban-American, the Church of the Little Flower’s pastor, the Reverend Michael W. Davis, tells me, which might also explain why he is so comfortably bilingual. Unlike so many Catholic parishes in the U.S., Davis says, his still boasts packed pews and “reflects a vibrant community.” He adds playfully that the church’s lovely setting makes it a “wedding factory.”

On a more serious note, Davis explains the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)—the Catholic conversion program. He tells me about it because Little Flower’s most famous parishioner is a convert: Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida who’s already touted as the Republican front-runner in the upcoming presidential race, attends Mass frequently with his wife, Columba, and their daughter, Noelle. “[He’ll be] gone all week, and yet he regularly makes the liturgy,” Davis says.

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JCF said...

Why Jeb Bush converted (Episcopalian to Roman Catholic) in the mid 90s?

The writing was on the wall by then: a Republican could NOT aspire to high office as Episcopalian. Not anymore (despite the 1950s-ish joke about the Episcopal Church being "the Republican Party at prayer").

Today, you'll find conservative Republicans OPENLY condemning the Episcopal Church as "no longer Christian" (in private, I'm sure they say much worse).

[The article did mention that John Kasich---is he really running?---had moved from RC to "Anglican". I'm guessing that's not Episcopalian.]