Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A new cathedral would heal Christchurch

From New Zealand-

Poor old Anglican cathedral. Its once proud rose window and spire gone, open to the elements, dark and empty except for nesting pigeons.

I like the colourful art that now walls off the building from the Square. The plant- covered whare makes me smile. Tourists still cluster, the Wizard still fulminates, a man sunbathes, and two blokes play super-size chess.

On the afternoon of February 22, 2011, I stared in amazement. The shattered cathedral looked like a bomb had hit it. I had met someone at the cathedral cafe the day before. Later, a photographer told me how she had gone into the cathedral immediately after the quake - incredibly dangerously - and had seen it littered with blocks of rubble.

Four years on, this space still has a giant question mark hanging over it. Debate has raged. Save the cathedral or build a new one? Argument has lurched towards the acrimonious: Blame the bishop, blame the Church, blame each other; call in the lawyers. It has divided the city.

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