Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Double take: The amazing story of the strangers who look like identical twins

From The "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" Department-

The retired Anglican clergyman spent months wondering why everyone hailed him like a long-lost friend – albeit with the wrong name.

But the mystery was solved after Neil, 69, finally asked a shopkeeper the reason. Only then did it emerge that he is the spitting image of community stalwart John Jemison, 74, who has lived in Braintree, Essex, for half a century.

Although strangers and with a five-year age difference the pair could pass as identical twins – and they also share an astonishing number of shared interests and history.

Speaking yesterday as he sat alongside his doppelganger, Neil said: “Twice a month I would have someone pass me in the street and say ‘Hello John’.

“I brushed it off at the time but then I realised that the cafe owner always referred to me as John as well.

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