Saturday, April 4, 2015

Archbishop Philip Freier calls for a conversation led by the people

From Australia-

Questioning the age of entitlement should be at the core of a new conversation about the future shape of Australian society, says the Anglican ­primate of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier.

In his Easter blog today, he says that “public trust is plumbing new depths” so it’s necessary to take this debate beyond politicians. Treasurer Joe Hockey was “expressing an important sentiment” when he said of last year’s budget that the age of entitlement was over, Dr Freier says.

“He used the phrase, perfectly reasonably, to suggest entitlement equalled gaining something people did not deserve. But as citizens we all have legal and moral entit­lements, ranging from equality under the law to benefits from the taxes we pay.

“No one is turned away from Australian hospitals to die in misery because they cannot afford lifesaving treatment — and we thank the wisdom of a previous generation of politicians for that.

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