Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Strictly Come Dancing to understand Jesus. Welcome to the new Church of England

From The Telegraph-

The Church of England’s first female bishop, Libby Lane, will have divided opinion within the Church this week by suggesting her Christian faith is linked with the TV programme Strictly Come Dancing.

She told Radio Times that she is a Strictly fan, and uses dance steps to explain her relationship with God. Apparently, the bishop danced regularly for 15 years and this experience now informs much of her theology, particularly her understanding of the incarnation - the idea that God became a human in the person of Jesus.

Those who argue that men are being put off going on a Sunday by an increasingly emotional and flowery approach to ministry will no doubt shake their heads in consternation as they conjure up an image of Jesus wearing sequins and dancing the cha-cha. These are the scaremongers who lament the ‘feminisation’ of the Church and wheel out stats like 65 per cent of all church-goers are women, and that female trainee priests now outnumber male trainees two to one.

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