Sunday, February 26, 2017

Politics in the pulpit: Where to draw the line?

From North Carolina-

 The Rev. Skip Gillikin would prefer counseling parishioners on matters of sin and redemption over sharing thoughts on Democrats and Republicans.

Picking a political candidate “goes beyond my calling as a pastor,” he said.

But the minister for First Presbyterian Church in Weaverville backs a recent proposal by President Donald Trump to "destroy" a 1954 law that says churches and other religious organizations risk losing tax-exempt status if they endorse political candidates.

Several Western North Carolina pastors said they are not interested in preaching politics from the pulpit, but there were different opinions on the idea of doing away with the law.

Gillikin said he would not endorse candidates, but he would like to see the law taken off the books "just so we don't have that heavy hand, or alleged heavy hand (of Internal Revenue Service action) hanging over us."

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