Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Number of Coptic families fleeing North Sinai for Ismailia jumps to 143

From Egypt-

The number of Egyptian Copts who have fled North Sinai to Ismailia after a spate of killings of Christians by militants there has risen to 143 families, a spokesperson for the Coptic Orthodox Church announced on Tuesday.

In an official statement, the Church said the families included 546 members, adding that Ismailia’s Anglican Church was providing support and housing for 54 families, or 146 individuals.

The Church added that the Anglican Church was meeting the daily needs of the 89 other families, which the Egyptian government has taken responsibility for housing in the governorate.

The number announced by the Church is the most recent official estimate of the families that have fled to Ismailia, and does not include other families who were provided shelter by the government in four other governorates, the statement read.

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