Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pope Francis Visits Anglican Parish in Rome

From National Catholic Register (more links below)-

During his Sunday visit to Rome’s Anglican parish of All Saints, Pope Francis voiced gratitude for the good relations Catholics and Anglicans now enjoy and said that on the path toward full communion, humility has to be the point of departure.

“(Humility) is not only a beautiful virtue, but a question of identity,” the Pope said in his Feb. 26 visit to All Saints.

He noted that in evangelizing the Christians in Corinth, St. Paul had to “grapple” with the fact that relations with the community weren’t always good. But when faced with the question of how to carry out the task despite ongoing tensions, “Where does he begin? With humility.”

“Paul sees himself as a servant, proclaiming not himself, but Christ Jesus, the Lord. And he carries out this service, this ministry according to the mercy shown him,” he said, adding that this ministry is done “not on the basis of his ability, nor by relying on his own strength, but by trusting that God is watching over him and sustaining his weakness with mercy.”

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