Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prayer and a Latte: After Sale of Church, OC Parishioners Gather at Starbucks

From Los Angeles- (with video)

The way the Rev. Canon Cindy Voorhees sees it, she's following in Jesus' footsteps by bringing the church to the people. On this Ash Wednesday, it just happens to be inside a Costa Mesa Starbucks.

The Episcopal church leader has been mingling her venti cappuccino and scripture for a while, using the coffee shop for pastoral care and other meetings, because her parish doesn't have a roof to pray under.

Two years ago, the diocese announced it was locking the doors at St. James the Great Episcopal Church. A buyer offered $15 million to tear it down and build condos. Since then, a court has ruled the congregation has no legal say in the matter. They have appealed. Another court ruling gave the diocese the right to sell the land, and that, too, is being appealed.

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