Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vicar faces investigation after placing children’s furniture in chapel

From the, "You Can't Make This Stuff Up Department"-

A Church of England rector could be barred from ministry depending on the outcome of a parishioner complaint after she placed children’s furniture in the 12th-century chapel. From The Telegraph:

Kevin Sims, 67, who has been attending the St Mary the Virgin Church for 20 years, said: “I definitely do not feel the number of children warrants it. My main issues are for aesthetic reasons and reasons of demand.”

Sims fears the addition of the furniture, which was intended to create a space for young attendees, is the start of a slippery slope. Sims says that the report filed by the Reverend Lynda Klimas, rector of St. Mary the Virgin Church (who cannot comment on the situation) was misleading.

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