Friday, June 16, 2017

Archbishop of Nigeria condemns 'sin' of gay sex, offers conservative 'missionary bishops' to any who want them

From Christian Today-

The era of 'European Christendom' has passed and it is time for a new Reformation to wipe out the 'sinful' practices of gay sex and gay marriage, according to the leader of the Anglican church's largest evangelical province.

Archbishop and primate of Nigeria Nicholas Okoh, who heads the conservative Gafcon grouping in the Anglican Communion, has compared the crisis over gay marriage to the battle between the heretic Arius and St Athanasius that rocked the church of the fourth century.

That battle centred on the nature of the Trinity. Arius believed, against what came to be the wider orthodoxy, that 'there was a time when the son was not'.

And controversially, Okoh has offered to provide 'missionary bishops' to give oversight conservative Anglicans anywhere in the world who object to the liberal drift towards acceptance of gay marriage.

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