Friday, June 16, 2017

The temporary gift of marriage

From Christian Century-

It was supposed to be my last premarital counseling appointment with Sue and Mike. Like most pastors I’ve never enjoyed weddings that much, but I’ve always loved the conversations with couples who are about to enter into this covenant. Usually it’s only a matter of time before they reveal the most tender of anxieties.

I thought we had already worked through the biblical and theological perspectives on the apparent issues in Mike and Sue’s upcoming marriage. At this meeting we were just supposed to edit the wedding ceremony. We were sitting at the table in my study with copies of the proposed liturgy in front of us. As I was about to pass out the red ink pens, Mike said, “Before we get into this I have to say I’m really scared.”

He now had Sue’s attention. As he saw her stunned look he quickly added, “Oh, I’m not afraid of marrying you. I’m terrified of losing you.” Then he looked back at me and explained, “Several years ago my mother died, and it almost killed me.” Turning again to Sue he continued, “What if something happens to you too? I can’t imagine how I would survive.”

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