Monday, June 12, 2017

Welby Rebukes GAFCON

From The Living Church-

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned GAFCON against causing “disturbance and discords” by intervening in Britain, adding that “cross-border” intervention would “carry no weight in the Church of England.”

There is no need for a missionary bishop, he said, since there is enough space in the church to accommodate a range of views. The early Church’s First Council of Nicea in 325 condemned interventions and the “great disturbances and discords that occur” resulting from actions of this kind.

Jonathan Petre, religion reporter for The Mail on Sunday, has the knack of acquiring well-timed scoops and finding a fresh angle on well-worn stories. It has long been no secret that GAFCON, the conservative Anglican network, intended to parachute in the Rev. Canon Andy Lines as its bishop in the United Kingdom if Scottish Anglicans approved gay marriage.

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