Saturday, June 17, 2017

Number training for priesthood exceeds hopes

From The Church Times-

THE number of people expected to start training for the priesthood in the autumn has risen by 14 per cent, the Ministry Division announced yesterday. The growth has exceeded hopes in the division, which is seeking a 50-per-cent increase on the 2015 figures by 2020.

This year, 543 men and women have been recommended for training, compared with 476 last year. A central plank of the Renewal and Reform agenda is to reach 750 by 2020, but also to lower the average age, and encourage vocations from younger women, and those from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds (News, 7 October).

The new figures include a 17-per-cent increase in women coming forward. Of the 543, 52 per cent are women, and women make up 38 per cent of those aged under 32, compared with a historic average of 22 per cent. The goal is for half of all ordinands to fall into this age bracket; it is currently 25 per cent. Five per cent of recommended candidates described themselves as BAME: an increase of two per cent, but not statistically significant, given the small numbers.

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